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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pinays dating online

The uprising fame of online dating has drawn thousands of pinays to internet sites and programs that admit them to tie to foreigners. Male foreigners are likewise apparently attracted to pinays, if the number of on-going online relationships is any indication. Hundreds of thousands of pinays are considered chatting and exchanging e-mails with male foreigners in the hope of bumping the dream partners, perhaps as future husbands.

The comfort of which they intercommunicate with foreigners is unfortunately making it also easy for some pinays to scam foreigners. These scammers and deceivers chat with their internet dates and use an innocent front to win people’s hearts, so to speak. When the unsuspecting foreigner starts out to show a sincere liking for them, they begin to ask money for the cost of chatting with them.

The amounts of money being demanded are bound to increase, until online chatting grows to become a bread and butter with hordes of online friends coming forward as willing victims. This may not be a problem at all for the foreigner, but it becomes so when he visits the Philippines to seek out her online pinay friend, only to find out that she is as committed to other foreigner male friends.

These deceivers are master chatters. Although they represent an insignificant segment of pinays who are searching foreigner males as future friends or husbands, they succeed in blemishing the general reputation of pinays loyal and trustworthy persons. If there is anything good, however, that can come out from them, it is in alerting males from all over that the charming, beautiful and cheerful pinay may not always be good as tagged.

Online pinay dating has made amorous pairing easy and convenient for all interested parties. But it also has its dangers. Seniors advise that there is no replacement for honest to goodness courtship. This requires effort on the part of foreigners, like visiting the Philippines to seek face to face the pinay they desire before committing anything deeper especially if that is going to cost them money.


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