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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dating Ideas that Lead to Sex

Men date women for several reasons but one above all gives them more motivation to do it. It’s sex which they say as “the ultimate aim of dating”. We get creative when it comes to dating all because we are hoping to convince her to go to bed with us afterwards. The article provides creative ideas on how to make your date want to drag you to bed with her. As they put it; “dating ideas that will get her heart racing, set you apart from the competition, and most importantly, make her want to drag you into the bedroom”. They start off with a dating idea such as “tango”. Tango is regarded as one of the great passionate dances and involves a lot of close physical contact.

Therefore, it’s something sensual, I guess. Then it’s the “casino” dating idea where they say women love men who like taking risks and compares it with James Bond. “Costume parties” was another though I don’t quite get the idea of letting her play with costumes to release her sensual side. Then it ends to “tapas”, no it’s not the Pinoy “tapa” (thin strips of rubber-like meat….ngeee!), it’s this Spanish term for small quantities of food sold or given for free with a drink from Spain. I don’t know how they adopted the concept in the US but I guess it boils down to a different method of sharing food that, perhaps, involves a more intimate atmosphere (or maybe something like a “pika-pika” of Pinoys, I can only guess. Maybe I should’ve researched more on this one).

Here in the Philippines, well, it’s an entirely different story. You don’t get your date to have sex with you that easy. We are more conservative in some sense, although I’m hearing some stories about trends where some explore a more liberated and experimental “activities” that suggests similarities, tolerance, or perhaps adoption of the western dating scene. Usually it takes a lot of dates, and some even wait till marriage before you can finally touch her like a man. If you really want dating ideas leading to sex that would work in the Philippines, then it calls for more extreme measures. Here are several which I think will work (finally, after long musing much about nothing, this crap):

Lots of alcohol. Make her too drunk to know which is left or right and you have the opportunity to end your date with sex. Of course, that’s without her consent. And you’ll get sued for rape after the pleasure is done.

Sleep inducing drugs. (Chloroform?) I see this in TV dramas all the time. Put a sleep-inducing drug on her plate or in her drinking glass and you get what you want after a short period of time. Similar to the first one, it also ends in a situation you would less likely wish to be in.
Get a prostitute. Ever tried dating your “pok-pok” (Filipino term for “prostitute”). Well, you get the idea. Date her then do it in a hotel nearby. After all, it’s actually dating then sex, more of “ends in sex” not “leads to sex”.

Date textmates (sms or text messaging partners). Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the usual textmates. They are those who are constantly looking for friends or boyfriends and are extremely friendly and nice all the time for other reasons besides just making plain friends. They are also fond of making their phone numbers public for those interested parties to see. Usually, you see their numbers in some tabloid classified ads, texting and chat channels, in some forums, vandalism in comfort rooms, or in bus seats. Then, they will charge you for the date and the sex afterwards.

Drive her home. Usually a complementary action for the first two dating idea, it can also work in solo. Before deciding to do it without the first two dating ideas, you should consider attending some gym sessions and focus on strength training though. To all you dummies who don’t understand, the idea behind it is simple. Offer her a drive home. Then, you don’t bring her home as promised and take her some place where you can do your bidding freely, in diplomacy, or through brute force.

Do the following dating ideas and you’re a 100 percent rapist guaranteed.

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